About us

Genomics_ISO CertificateGenomics, a high-tech biomedical research and genetic diagnostics center, was established in 2020 by scientists working in Georgia and the US. In 2022, Genomics completed the certification process and received a certificate confirming the EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.

The Mission of our Centre

Providing high-quality medical laboratory services to patients in biomedical research and genetic diagnostics in accordance with American and European standards, strengthening the medical laboratory segment of the country with professional practitioners, and introducing novel tests.

Our vision of quality

  • To be one of the leading and most accessible biomedical research and genetic diagnosis centers in reproductive medicine in Georgia;
  • To be a reliable base and active supporter of professionals from various areas of medicine in the field of laboratory diagnostics;
  • Introduction, creation, production, application and export of innovative diagnostic studies based on high-tech approaches in the region;
  • Continuously improve quality management systems through proper planning, stakeholder orientation, continuous process evaluation, the timely implementation of educational, corrective and preventive measures.

Quality policy for medical laboratory services

  • Continuous increase of patient and partner satisfaction and, consequently, their number by introducing modern international standards/protocols for patient care and laboratory diagnostics within the framework of legislative requirements;
  • Continuous analysis and improvement of partners / patients needs and satisfaction assessment with an effective service-oriented approach by the relevant service unit;
  • Improvement of the already implemented directions by the Genomics laboratory, upgrade of medical infrastructure, and introduction of new services and technologies;
  • Establishment of continuous training for the Genomics staff and a continuous provision of medical education to the population in this field. The constant motivation of employees and stimulating.

Scientific committee

Lia Chkonia

Lia Chkonia

Founder of Genomics
Lia Chkonia is the founder of Genomics, a biomedical research and genetic diagnostic center, and the founder and director of Reproart, a Georgian-American reproductive clinic.
Tsotne Javakhishvili

Tsotne Javakhishvili

Scientific Supervisor
Tsotne Javakhishvili began his scientific career at the Tbilisi Institute of Plant Biochemistry after graduating from the Biology Department of Tbilisi State University.
Gia Gogilashvili
Gia Gigolashvili - Genomics consultant and candidate of biological sciences, Gia Gigolashvili, graduated from the Biology Department of Tbilisi State University.
Mari Murtskhvaladze
Mari Murtskhvaladze is a zoologist. Graduated from Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Faculty of Biology and Medicine in 2002, and in 2012 was awarded PhD degree after defending her doctoral thesis at Ilia State University on the topic: "Animal species and population structure research in the Caucasus”.